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New Games!

We haven't posted any new games in a while, so here are two new games:

Today we have a B&Q Gift Card and a Morrisons Gift Voucher to give away.

Remember to like us on Facebook and share our posts on Twitter. We started out small but if we can grow the site's popularity, bigger and better prizes will follow.

Remember, we are the only prize draw site on the internet that shows you how the winner is chosen! No 'random' draws, we are the first and only 100% genuine and honest prize draw site!

- The Nudg'em team.

Posted by Duncan 5 months ago

Prepaid Mastercard up for grabs!

We have a £25 Prepaid Mastercard for one skillful player to win! 64 slots available for this game with a nodtime of 7 hours and 5 coffees required to stay awake for the duration of the game.

Game ends on September 1st, 2017 - make sure you log in daily and play the game to increase your points - only one player can win and that will be the player with the most points.

Posted by Duncan 10 months ago

Some new games to play

We have a Love2shop Gift Voucher to give away to one lucky player. Get on the board early as there are only 16 players for a nice 1 in 16 chance of winning. This is a regular nudge-based game.

Next we have an gift card up for grabs in a skill-based game. The player with the most points wins the game, it's that simple!

We'd like to take this opportunity to thank all of our loyal members for playing Nudg'em. Bigger and better prizes are coming soon. If you run a business or want to promote your blog, product, website or anything else please consider sponsoring one of our games by clicking on the sponsor banner on the top of the game boards. It's cheap, your ad will remain on the site forever and you will be helping us to continue to operate and give out even more prizes.


Posted by Duncan 1 year ago

New game

Congratulations to 'maureenc' for winning our first skill game. 12,074 points won maureenc a £25 Toys'R'Us giftcard.

We have another skill game posted today - a New Look Gift Card up for grabs in a new skill game. We've added some extra features to the skill game. You can buy skill points using your site credits, there is a button on the bottom of the board to purchase points.

You can also steal a sleeping player's skill points by clicking on a sleeper once. Better not fall asleep then.

Posted by Duncan 1 year 2 months ago

Are you skillful?

We are pleased to announce our new skill-based games on Nudg'em. Skill-based games are a little different than the regular games. The player with the most points at the end of the game wins. You can increase your points by clicking in our outside of the game board to stop the trophy; points will increase for the player the trophy lands on.

A skill-based game will end on the scheduled end date even if the game board is not full. Don't let your monkey fall asleep, if someone else nudges you off the board they will steal your points!

To start we have a Toys'R'Us Gift Card as our first skill game, more will come later.

Where else can you genuinely win a prize using skill?

Have fun and good luck!

Posted by Duncan 1 year 2 months ago

Sponsor a game

We've added a new feature to the site. You can now sponsor a game and place your own advertisement banner or text on the game board, with a link to a website of your choice.

Please take a look and sponsor a game if you run a business or want to promote your website. The last two games can be sponsored for £25 and £20 respectively. Your sponsorship will remain on the site indefinitely and can be edited at any time, even when the game is over.

We want to cover the cost of the prizes on offer so your sponsorship will help keep the site up and new prizes coming. If you want to offer a prize instead of payment we will create a game for you with your prize and you will have the ability to edit the board advertisement for free. Please contact us for more information.

Posted by Duncan 1 year 4 months ago

New games posted today

We have two new games posted today:

Win an Argos Gift Card - We have a £25 Argos Gift Voucher to give away to one lucky winner. This is a fairly small game with 66 players and a nod time of 24 hours. Good luck!

Win a Pizza Hut Gift Card - We have a £20 Pizza Hut Gift card to won. 60 players for this game with a nod time of 12 hours!

We still have the iPhone game running, and it will not go live until the board is full. We are unable to start the game until we have a full board as the Nudg'em system uses all of the player's nudge numbers to select one winner, so please tell all of your friends and family members about Nudg'em and get them to join the game!

Posted by Duncan 1 year 4 months ago

New Games

We have some new games listed today:

Win an iPhone 7 32gb - We have an unlocked iPhone 7 to give away, our biggest prize yet. This is a huge 1,000 player game - this one will be popular so we have to create enough spaces, plus it will be nice to see a thousand players on the board!

Win £50 worth of Love2shop gift vouchers - These vouchers are accepted at a huge range of stores. Booklet contains 10 x £5 gift vouchers. 72 players for this game, but with a nodtime of just three hours they'll be plenty of chances for nudging sleepers off the board, unless of course they've used one of our potent Nudg'em coffees!

Congratulations to our first set of winners: 'Fourclovers23', 'Nicvera8989' and 'Silver', your prizes are on their way.

Good luck!

Posted by Duncan 1 year 6 months ago

1,000 nudges

We've passed the 1,000 nudge count mark, that means those monkeys have been nudged awake over 1,000 times by you the players!

We're getting lots of new members every day... remember even though the games are full at the moment there are lots of sleepers on the boards, you can take the place of a sleeper.

Posted by Duncan 1 year 6 months ago

Help us make Nudg'em a success

A big thank you to all of our new members who signed up for an account.

We need more people to join the games to fill up the board and then the game can go live. Please like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and share a game to your Facebook wall by going to a game and clicking on the Facebook 'Share' icon. By liking and following us, you'll be the first to know about new games posted on the site as we announce new games on social media first.

Please remember we are just starting out, the games on our site may be extended if they do not fill up before the closing date. The reason they have to be extended is the game has to be full before it can start. Every player's nudge number is used to determine the winner so we have to have a full board.

We are giving stuff away for free, no catch! If we can get our member numbers up, bigger prizes will follow.

Finally, remember to come back to the site on a daily basis, every day that you log in you will earn site credits. If you log in daily on consecutive days, your multiplier will increase and you'll earn even more. Site credits can be used in the Nudg'em shop, you can buy bonuses and in the future exchange your points for merchandise and prizes so it is worth earning them now!

Enjoy the site, and good luck!

Posted by Duncan 1 year 6 months ago

Log in with Facebook

We've made it even easier to log in - you can now sign in with your Facebook account.

Head over to the sign in page and click on the link to sign in with Facebook. A user name will be created for you but you can change it by editing your user profile.

Have fun and keep nudging!

- The Nudg'em team.

Posted by Duncan 1 year 7 months ago


We are excited to announce that Nudg'em has launched and is open to the public. We have a few small prizes on offer at the moment while we test our brand new site, but bigger prizes are coming soon. Please remember we are testing our site but feel free to join the games and hopefully win a prize. Also note real prize games are currently only open to UK residents aged 18 and over.

Please read the how to play page and enjoy Nudg'em. Good luck in winning a prize!

Play the web's most genuine prize draw - genuine prizes and a genuine chance of winning.

Posted by Duncan 1 year 7 months ago