Grow your Shopify store with personalization that is based on data collected directly from customers

Create a unique customer journey for each visitor with our full suite of solutions that combine zero-party data collection with onsite personalization

Put your data to work, on autopilot

nudgem’s suite of tools helps you collect and activate zero-party data, every time your customers are on the website and every time they interact with your brand through email, SMS & Social Media
Curated Collections
Increase conversions and LTV with personalized product collections your customers will love.
Post purchase Surveys
Improve attribution, segmentation and personalization with surveys that customers are delighted to answer.
Product Quizzes
Boost sales and AOV with quizzes that help your customers find the right products faster.
Feedback Forms
Collect critical customer feedback to improve the customer experience.

Understand your Customers better

Collect valuable data directly from your customers and guide them to the right products, understand where they are coming from, what they are looking for and what they care about

Personalize the entire customer journey

Use your nudgem data to personalize everything from your onsite experience to your email & SMS marketing.

Improve segmentation

Send your nudgem data to your CRM or ESP, to categorize your customers by preference, demographic or psychographic data.

Maximize conversion rates with curated collections

Convert visitors into shoppers by helping them find the right products faster and creating an interactive onsite experience

Increase lifetime value with post-purchase surveys

Personalize your post-purchase marketing journey with messaging that is tailored to your customers’ profiles

Grow sales by combining customer data

Enrich customer profiles by combining data collected from our suite of tools and create unique customer experiences across all your channels

We play nice with the rest of your tech stack

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