Double your mobile revenue with personalized storefronts

Create AI-powered storefronts for each part of the customer journey and distribute them across all your channels
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  • Segmented VIP experiences
  • Dynamically updated storefronts

What to Expect

Go Live in 1 day
Yes! ONE day
Mobile-first UI
Mobile-optimized is not enough anymore. Go mobile-first
No maintenance required
As in, set it and forget it
All your tools working out of the box
We integrate with your existing tech stack
Unlock mobile push notifications
Bye bye SMS bill!
VIP experiences for your most loyal customers
Segmented experiences and offers for your best customers

Results our customers see

Conversion rate
Average order value
Add-to-cart rate

How it works

Set up your storefronts by selecting the most relevant widgets for each channel and use-case
Create VIP experiences for your best customers by using your existing customer segments

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Grow your mobile revenue with nudgem

Create multiple personalized storefronts for each part of the customer journey and see your sales skyrocket
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