#Curated collections

Create an interactive shopping experience your customers will love

Guide customers to the right products faster through interactive questions and reveal their unique interests and preferences
A personalized journey for each shopper
Collect valuable data while you help your customers find the right products faster
Create personalized product collections based on the data you collect through the widget
Send collected data back to Klaviyo to personalize your email and SMS campaigns

Elevate the customer journey


Fast & Intuitive experience

Our widget looks like an integral part of your store and the whole experience takes place on the page your customers are in, creating a seamless and intuitive experience that doesn’t take visitors off the buying journey

Find the right products faster

By answering preference and interest-based questions your visitors find the right products faster

Mix-and-match products from different collections

Your customers can create personalized product collections that include multiple product types

Dynamically updated product collections they can revisit

Curated collections dynamically update every time you add new products to your store, so your customers can discover new products every time they revisit their curated collection

Built for high-growth merchants

Easy-to-use Editor
Create a Curated Collection widget in no time with our intuitive editor
Flexible logic
Display the products you want by utilizing tags and collections
Built for Shopify
Access all your store data in nudgem through our deep Shopify integration
Activate your data
Push collected data to your favorite tools to expand their capabilities
Decide how you want to use the widget
You can either help customers narrow down their product selection or build unique collections with products from different categories
Expand product selection
Narrow down product selection
Keep the same
Set it and forget it
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Dynamic updates
Since every recommendation is linked to product collections or product tags, we dynamically update them anytime you add/remove products from your store
Built for Shopify
nudgem pulls product data directly from your Shopify store, so you can easily link collections and tags to your curated collection. Placement of the widget on your store is also a breeze through our app block
Seemless data flow
Use data collected from Curated Collections to enrich customer profiles in Klaviyo

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Frequently asked questions

Is it a product quiz?

Curated Collections are different from product quizzes in four ways:
1. They don't take visitors off the buying journey by re-directing them to a quiz landing page, but live right on the homepage (or any other page of your choice)
2. Visitors start seeing rewards (recommended products) instantly, and don't have to go through 10 questions to get a couple product recommendations
3. They are focusing on collections of products and not individual products. That means there is a higher chance your visitors will find the right products and are more likely to add more products to their cart
4. Each Curated Collection can be saved, so customers can revisit it anytime they come back to your website

Do I need an agency or developer to implement it?

Nope. You don't have to write a single line of code to get a Curated Collection live on your website. You can easily customize the logic, UI and options of your Curated Collections from your nudgem dashboard.

Will it slow down my website?

We have been running our own stores for many years, so we know first-hand how important site speed is to conversions and we took all measures to make sure that Curated Collections have minimal impact on your site performance.

Can I customize the look and feel of Curated Collections?

Yes, you can customize everything from how the initial collection grid looks like, to how your questions and answer tags get displayed and the structure of the Curated Collection page.